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  • How Can I Help My Older Dog?

    As a medical treatment, nutrition and general care improve, pets are living longer. With increasing age, come diseases and behavior disorders. One of these is known as Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Disorder or Cognit...

  • Special Pet Days

    We, as humans, have lots of holidays. But did you know there were special days for our pets, too? Now, some of our holidays are serious and have great meaning, and some are a bit more greeting card days. The same is true...

  • Urine troubles, what to look for

    Since most pets live inside our houses, it is important for them to be house trained. We expect our dogs to tell us when they need to go outside to do their business. And we desire our cats to use the litter pan on a con...

  • Gadget article

    Gadgets, everybody loves gadgets these days. Smartphone apps, tablets, exercise watches, there's all kind of gadgets for people. Anyone waiting for the Apple watch? But what about your pets? Are there gadgets you can get...

  • Pet insurance....should I use it??

    Insurance, to some it is a dirty word. Human insurance can be a difficult and tricky thing to navigate. So what about insurance for your pet. Is it beneficial? Helpful? Useful?The purpose of pet insurance is to allow you...

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