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  • Common Poisons, Part 2

    Last time we talked about some common things in your house that are potentially dangerous to your pet. Unfortunately, there are many more things we can discuss. We will cover a few more common ones today. But, as I menti...

  • Common Poisons, Part 1

    There are many items in your house that could be potentially toxic to your pet. Some of these are common things you have around that you may not even know are poisonous; while others you probably know about already.Choco...

  • Fun in the Sun....can be damaging

    The sun...many of us here in Florida love to be out in the sun no matter how bright or hot it is. And we all know it is dangerous to us, but did you ever think about your pet?Let's look at you first, even though we all l...

  • The Eyes Have It

    There are many times when we do not go to the doctor ourselves, and perhaps we should have, as our illness gets worse rather than better. The same is true of how we look at our pet's afflictions. However, there are somet...

  • To Grain or Not To Grain.....

    Hey Doc, what should I feed my dog? This is a difficult question to answer. There are so many foods out there on the market these days, that as consumers we need to learn how to figure out what is in the food and what is...

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