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  • Stress Less

    How many people like going to the doctor? How many owners avoid regular health checkups because they do not like the doctor visits for many reasons? The whole white coat syndrome is quite well documented in people. Years...

  • Back to School

    Well, by now everyone is back in school. Learning is a good thing. So are there things I should or could teach my pet? The answer to that would be yes. Any animal can learn, just like any child, but sometimes we have to ...

  • To Play or Not To Play....

    Dogs are social animals. They live in a pack in the wild and enjoy social interaction. So, if you have a dog who sits at home alone a lot, he might find ways to entertain himself that are not necessarily to your liking. ...

  • How Can I Help My Itchy Dog?

    Allergies, Florida...these two words go together for a lot of people as well as animals. The weather in Florida is lovely most of the year. But, because the cold does not last very long, there is no significant frost to ...

  • What is the right pet for me?

    Many people like animals, but there are some who do not. If you have never had a pet, how can you decide if a pet is right for you and your family? And if you get a pet what kind should you get?The first thing to conside...

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