Pet Dentistry

Our pet dentistry services go above and beyond to ensure your pet’s well-being and comfort. Help us build a better future for your animal family member.

Pet Dentistry at Thompson’s Veterinary Center

Oral care for your pet is essential. Brushing your pet’s teeth or using some sort of dental additive/treat is recommended. Regular cleanings are able to clean better than home care.

Anesthesia is required for the dental procedure to evaluate the teeth and gums fully. We will clean and polish the teeth and remove any abnormal teeth. If there are abnormalities that need to be monitored, we will make you aware of these issues. Occasionally, we may recommend a referral to a veterinary dentist for the procedures we cannot handle here at our facility.

Due to the anesthesia, we recommend preoperative blood work on all animals over five years of age. This can be done on the morning of the procedure.

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