Pet Fitness

Our devoted team is here to help you create a fitness routine tailored to your pet’s particular needs.

Unlocking the Power of Pet Fitness: The Multifaceted Benefits of Strong Muscles

Physical fitness is essential to humans and is also beneficial for our pets. There are numerous ways in which having strong muscles will be of benefit. Everyday activities are easier when muscles are stronger—getting up and down, walking, chasing frisbees or balls. If you want to do sports with your dog (agility, flyball, freestyle, etc), physical fitness is of extreme importance. Strengthening the muscles helps with conditions like joint disease and soft tissue injuries.

Dr. Thompson has received a certificate of attainment from NC State College of Veterinary Medicine as a Canine Strength and Conditioning Coach. She will work with your pet to develop a program to strengthen the muscles so that he/she can live a long, happy life.

Our exercise programs will involve exercises with equipment that we have at the hospital (similar to when you go to the physical therapist) and activities that we will teach you to do with your pet at home.

Please ask us about how your pet can benefit from fitness.

Dog performing tricks on a obstacle coarse