Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery isn’t just a solution for the present – it’s an investment in your pet’s future. By addressing underlying health concerns and providing effective surgical interventions, we pave the way for a long, healthy life ahead.

Welcome to Thompson’s Veterinary Center: Where Pet Surgery Meets Compassion

Our hospital offers most soft tissue surgeries. Dr. Thompson requires a client-patient relationship to be established before surgery. All surgery patients should have an exam within the last three months before surgery.

We keep most surgeries overnight, so all vaccines are required before the procedure.

We use pain management post-operatively and have the option for laser therapy to help the incisions heal.

Some common procedures we do are listed below:

• Feline and Canine Spay
• Feline and Canine Neuter
• Lump Removal
• Cystotomy
• Laceration Repair

a cat with a cone around its neck